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Lara Lopardo, PhD

Lara Lopardo, PhD

Allgemeine und Systematische Zoologie
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  • 1994-2001: Licenciatura in Biological Sciences. Universidad de Buenos Aires, Facultad de Ciencias Exactas y Naturales, Argentina. Degree thesis on Spiders Systematics and Morphology.
  • 2002-2009: Ph.D. in Biological Sciences, The George Washington University (GWU), Washington, D.C. (USA), Advisor: Dr. Gustavo Hormiga; Dissertation: “Systematics and Evolution of the spider family Mysmenidae” (accepted without revision)


  • Lopardo, L. & Hormiga, G. 2015. Out of the twilight zone: Phylogeny and evolutionary morphology of the orb-weaving spider family Mysmenidae, with a focus on spinneret spigot morphology in symphytognathoids (Araneae, Araneoidea), Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society 173: 537-786
  • Lopardo, L. & Uhl, G. 2014. Testing mitochondrial marker efficacy for DNA barcoding in spiders: a test case using the dwarf spider genus Oedothorax (Araneae, Linyphiidae, Erigoninae). Invertebrate Systematics 28: 501-521.
  • Lopardo, L., Michalik, P. 2013. First description of a mysmenid spider species from mainland Australia and new data for Mysmena tasmaniae Hickman 1979 (Araneae, Mysmenidae). Memoirs of the Queensland Museum / Nature 58, 381-396.
  • Dimitrov, D., Lopardo, L., Giribet, G., Arnedo, M.A., Álvarez-Padilla, F., Hormiga, G. 2012. Tangled in a sparse spider web: single origin of orb weavers and their spinning work unravelled by denser taxonomic sampling. Proceedings of the Royal Society B 1341, 1341-1350.
  • Lopardo, L., G. Giribet and G. Hormiga. 2011. Morphology to the rescue: Molecular data and the signal of morphological characters in combined phylogenetic analyses—A case study from mysmenid spiders (Araneae, Mysmenidae), with comments on the evolution of web architecture. Cladistics 27, 278-330.
  • Lopardo, L., N. Dupérré and P. Paquin. 2008. Expanding horizons... The first report of the genus Mysmena (Araneae, Mysmenidae) from continental North America, with the description of a new species. Zootaxa 1718: 36–44.
  • Lopardo, L. and G. Hormiga. 2008. Phylogenetic placement of the Tasmanian spider Acrobleps hygrophilus (Araneae, Anapidae) with comments on the evolution of the capture web in Araneoidea. Cladistics 24(1):1-33.
  • Brescovit, A.D. and Lopardo, L. 2008. The first record on the spider genus Trogloneta Simon in the southern hemisphere (Araneae, Mysmenidae), with descriptions of three new species from Brazil and remarks on the morphology. Acta Zoologica (Stockholm) 89: 93–106
  • Lopardo, L. and G. Hormiga. 2007. On the spider genus Cepheia Simon 1894 (Araneae, Synaphridae). American Museum Novitates 3575:1-18.
  • Lopardo, L., G. Hormiga and A. Melic. 2007. Spinneret spigot morphology in synaphrid spiders (Araneae, Synaphridae), with comments on the systematics of the family and description of a new species of Synaphris Simon 1894 from Spain. American Museum Novitates 3563:1-14.
  • Lopardo, L., and M.J. Ramírez. 2007. The combing of cribellar silk by the prithine Misionella mendensis, with notes on other filistatid spiders (Araneae: Filistatidae). American Museum Novitates 3556:1-26.
  • Lopardo, L. and J.A. Coddington. 2005. Chapter 40: Mysmenidae. In: D. Ubick et al. (eds.) Spiders of North America: an identification manual.
  • Lopardo, L. 2005. Phylogenetic revision of the spider genus Negayan (Araneae, Anyphaenidae, Amaurobioidinae). Zoologica Scripta 34:245-277.
  • Lopardo, L., M. J. Ramírez, C. Grismado and L. A. Compagnucci. 2004. Web Building Behavior and the Phylogeny of Austrochiline Spiders. Journal of Arachnology 32:42-54.
  • Ramírez, M.J., Lopardo, L. and Platnick N.I. 2004. Notes on Chilean Anapids and Their Webs. American Museum Novitates. 3428:1-13.
  • Grismado, C. and L. Lopardo. 2003. Nuevos datos sobre la distribución de las familias australes de arañas Malkaridae y Mecysmaucheniidae en Argentina, con la descripción de la hembra de Mecysmauchenius thayerae Forster & Platnick (Arachnida, Araneae). [New data on the distribution of the austral spider families Malkaridae and Mecysmaucheniidae in Argentina, with the description of the female of Mecysmauchenius thayerae Forster & Platnick (Arachnida, Araneae)]. Revista Ibérica de Aracnología 8:37-43
  • Grismado, C., L. Lopardo, & N. I. Platnick. 2003. A New Species of Austrochilus from Chile (Araneae, Austrochilidae, Austrochilinae). Journal of Arachnology 31(1):148-150
  • Ramírez, M. J., Lopardo,L. & Bonaldo, A. B. 2001. A Review of the Chilean Spider Genus Olbus, with Notes on the Relationships of the Corinnidae (Arachnida, Araneae). Insect Syst. Evol. 31: 441-462. Copenhagen. ISSN 0013-8711.
  • Ramírez, M. J., y L. Lopardo. 1999. Telas Cribeladas y Filogenia de Araneomorfas Basales. [Cribellate Webs and Basal Araneomorphs Phylogeny]. Boletín de la Sociedad Entomológica Argentina 15(1):7-8.

Published Abstracts

  • Lopardo, L. and M.J. Ramírez. 2004. Chilean anapids and their webs, a phylogenetic approach (Araneae, Anapidae). Cladistics 20(6):600.
  • Lopardo, L., M.J. Ramírez, C.J. Grismado and L.A. Compagnucci. 2004. Web building behavior and the phylogeny of Austrochiline spiders. Cladistics 20(1):88.


  • Teaching Assistant, Department of Biological Sciences, George Washington University, Washington D.C. September 2003 to May 2004.
  • Weintraub Fellowship in Biological Sciences. George Washington University, Washington D.C. September 2002 to May 2003.
  • Visiting Scholar, National Museum of Natural History , Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C.. July 2001 to December 2001. Advisor: Dr. Jonathan A. Coddington
  • Student research fellowship. University of Buenos Aires (UBA). September 1999 to February 2001. Advisor: Dr. Axel O. Bachmann.
  • Member of the research group under supervision of Dr. Axel O. Bachmann, Entomology Lab., Facultad de Ciencias Exactas y Naturales, University of Buenos Aires. September 1999 to February 2001.


  • Best Student Oral Communication Competition, first place, XVII International Congress of Arachnology. San Pedro, Brazil 2007.
  • Cosmos Club Foundation, Program of Grants-In-Aid to Young Scholars. Young Scholar Award for travel and fieldwork in Misiones Province, Argentina. 2005
  • Rosen Award for the most outstanding poster presentation, XXIII Willi Hennig Society Meeting. Paris, France 2004.
  • Best Student Oral Communication Competition, second place, XVI International Congress of Arachnology. Ghent, Belgium 2004.
  • Marie Stopes Student Travel Award, XXIII Willi Hennig Society Meeting, Paris, France 2004.
  • Best Graduate Student Oral Communication Competition, second place, IV Arachnological Meeting of Latin America. Brazil 2003.
  • Marie Stopes Student Travel Award, XXII Willi Hennig Society Meeting, New York 2003.


Allgemeine und Systematische Zoologie

Anklamer Str. 20
D-17489 Greifswald
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